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    • When PhDs get the stage…

      There was an unusual buzz going on at UGent campus of Bio-Science Engineering late in the evening on March 26th. People were discussing cable bacteria that invisibly surround us and neutrinos that can reveal the secrets of the Universe, combatting parasites with fruit and preventing suicides with computers, improving our home environment with smart coating, and many other fascinating ideas.

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    • Erasing your reasonable doubts

      Is it that bad to be wrong sometimes? When do you use ratio or emotion? Is cooperating with others an act of selfishness? What is the link between democracy and violence? …enough food for thought at “Reasonable Doubt”, our latest event! We organized this event on March 12th  in the beautiful Miry Concertzaal. We kicked off our event a bit

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    • When women in STEM take the stage

      On February 12th, the Ghent University Aula welcomed the attendees to the TEDxGhentSalon, Women in STEM. Our attempt to spread the word of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, gathered a lot of enthusiastic, keen-on participants, eager to learn from women, whose careers in STEM proved to be successful and inspirational. Yonca Braekman, our curator, gave a brief introduction of the event,

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    • Intelligent individuals are easier tricked in rationalising the incorrect statements they put forward..

      Tonight, Michael Shermer and 3 other scientists will travel to Ghent for the ‘Reasonable Doubt’ event, an evening program during which they will take a dive into the mysteries of the brain.. Michael Shermer, once a devoted Christian, is now widely acknowledged as a protagonist in the field of pseudoscientific claims, mainly due to his work as founder of The Skeptics

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    • Women in STEM

      Inspired by TEDWomen (TED’s section focusing on and introducing women who are reshaping the world’s future) this TEDxGhentSalon will introduce some of Belgium’s most inspiring women who have worked in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). And not only have they worked in these fields but they have been affecting the futures of all of us in one way or

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    • TEDxGhentSalon: Religion for atheists

      Our first TEDxGhentSalon of the season was sold out. The theme “Religion for atheists” raised curiosity with both young and older. The group, 25 people, was too large to enable an all-round get to know each other. So via a game, we got a first impression on who was who in smaller groups. Note: the first winner of the evening

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    • And the best talks of TEDxGhentLive were…

      A few weeks back, the TEDxGhent community gathered at Sphinx cinema for a special occasion. A number of TED talks were being broadcasted straight from the TEDGlobal 2014 conference which was taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The distance did not stop us, curious Gentenaars, from getting an insight into how a TEDGlobal conference feels like. We got a

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