TEDxGhent 2011


When: June 11, 2011
Venue: Vlerick Management School, Chapel

On June 11, 2011, the very first edition of TEDxGhent took place. Using the motto Forward!, a selected audience of 100 people enjoyed this brain-spa of new and challenging ideas. Moderated by the excellent Clo Willaerts, the afternoon proved to be a fruitful and  rewarding experience, and an ideal starting point for the team to take TEDxGhent to the next level.

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Our speakers

Virtual walk in Brussels
Imagine that you don’t have to take an airplane anymore to visit the city you always dreamt of at the other side of the world. During TedxGhent 2011 ‘Crew Online’ – a company that operates on the border between art and science – demonstrated a virtual walk in Brussels.

Lars Sudmann – The virtual presentation project
The speech: There are many ways to do virtual presentations. During the TedxGhent event Lars Sudmann (professional speaker and business leader) encouraged everyone to create an engaging experience when doing a virtual presentation. Use the feedback of your audience via social media, have e-contact or use scribbles to grasp the online attention of your audience are a few of his tips.

Philip van de Gehuchte – Decap Beat Machine
The speech: If you would ask an audience to dance on the music of a classic organ, eyebrows would be frowned. Philip van de Gehuchte (owner of Cross-media Studio ‘Profoto’) saw it as a challenge to convert the traditional organ and sound to a more contemporary version using automated instruments. During concerts his ‘Decap Beat Machine’ is accompanied by light projection to give it a modern zeitgeist.

Ellis ten Dam – Cradle to cradle
The speech: Creating buildings without a sustainable match between the organisation and the environment would never work according to Ellis ten Dam (consultant for Royal Hanskoning). During her presentation she explained the cradle to cradle concept which brings the traditional sustainability-subject to a higher level and creates beneficial solutions.

Bas Haring – Successful living
The speech: Do you want a brief life with effect like Mozart or Achilles or a long life that is forgotten by everyone after you died. During his presentation Bas Haring (professor ‘public understanding of science’ at Universiteit Leiden) will try to make you doubt which path to choose in your life.

Johan Braeckman – Natural Selection
The speech: What’s the single best idea anyone has ever had? According to prof. dr. Johan Braeckman the answer is very easy: Darwin’s evolution theory. During his presentation he explains the concept of evolution through a very understandable way. He makes clear that evolutionary theory is not just a theory about chance.