Research Rally 2019

Research Rally 2019

Research Rally 2019

TEDxGhent invites you to our 2019 “Research Rally”. An opportunity to present your bright research ideas to a wider audience. 

Why? Because any research is nothing… until it’s shared and spread! 

Date and location? 20 November 2019 at 19h00 at De Krook. 

What to do? Each of the selected speakers will give a short talk and present their research to the crowd.
What happens next? TEDxGhent jury will then rate the presentations and select the winner. The winner of the contest will be given the opportunity of a 6-minute talk at the TEDxGhent main event on 9th May 2020, and of course, will receive professional speaker coaching beforehand.
Why does the crowd matter? A special prize will be given for the crowd’s favourite speaker.

Applications are now closed.

Do you want to watch the show, support the contestants, and maybe get inspired by their work, reserve your free ticket on our Eventbrite event.

Ready for the race…? Come get inspired, book your free ticket here.

Sorry, we’re sold out! 

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