TEDxGhentLive 2013

Have you ever wondered what a real TED event is like?

In 2013 TEDxGhent created the opportunity to follow TED 2013 (directly from Long Beach, California) live on screen, to get a taste of TED 2013, ‘The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered’.

During the break, there was a live talk by UGent professor Koen Schoors.


17.30 – 19.15 | Streaming TED2013: Disrupt

Alastair Parvin, Designer
Danny Hillis, Computer Theorist
Black, Yo-Yo Champion
Lesley Perkes, Public Art Instigator
Liu Bolin, Artist
Amanda Palmer, Musician & Blogger
Larry Lessig, Legal Activist


19.30 | Live Talk:  Prof. Dr. Koen Schoors (Ghent University)

Koen Schoors talks about his book ‘De Perfecte Storm’  (‘The perfect storm’), in which he explores the recent tempestuous events that shook our economic system to the core. Banks going bankrupt, the eurocrisis and the costs of an ageing society: these crises put together can lead to a ‘Perfect Storm’. How did it come to all this? Who is to blame? Is our welfare state threatened ? Koen Schoors tries to answer these questions and contemplates about possible new economical structures for Belgium and Europe.


For those who couldn’t make it that day, here’s the talk:


20.00 – 21.45 | Streaming TED2013 : Dream

Rich+Tone Talauega, Creative Directors & Choreographers
Elon Musk, Serial Entrepreneur
Mary Lou Jepsen, Screen Engineer
Taylor Wilson, Nuclear Scientist
Ji-Hae Park, Violinist
Stewart Brand, Environmentalist & Futurist