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  • TEDxGhent 2013 in drawings: block 3 of 3

    As our amazing day came to a close, we had a last round of speakers with thrilling talks and intruiging performances. Thank you, dear crew of StoryMe, for the visualisations!

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  • The Coffee Break at TEDxGhent 2013

    What do we do during the coffee break? Drink coffee? No, a lot more…

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  • TEDxGhent 2013 in drawings: part 2 of 3

    No thematic blocks but 3 parts of interesting speakers, captivating talks and mind-tingling ideas. How did the visual team of @hello_storyme do this time?

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  • The lunch break at TEDxGhent 2013

    What do you do in a lunch break when at TEDxGhent? Eat a sandwich, enjoy some music and even more… The lunch break was spiced up by music, interesting presentations and new experiences: Joni Sheila, Paard van Troje, Centrum voor Ondernemen and Mindschape3D provided the right spice for our meal!

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  • TEDxGhent 2013 in drawings: block 1 of 3

    Captivating talks from inspiring speakers: you can tweet, blog and converse about them – but also draw them. Our partners from StoryMe provided several creative drawings, one of each speaker. Get a grasp of the vibe through these visuals!

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  • Stage pictures

    At TEDxGhent, we like a nicely designed stage. Not too crowded, not too sober. Our speakers need to stand out with style in the historic setting of the Bijloke hall. Enjoy some pictures of the stage.

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  • We are getting ready for you!

    The stage has been built, audio tested and the team is getting prepped for hosting another great TEDxGhent main event.  The speakers are here and guests are pouring in.

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  • A word from our chief content generator, Eliane

      Call me naïve, call me idealistic, but I believe that bringing knowledge to people can ignite societal change. Being a doctoral researcher in neurosciences, I believe in the importance of bringing science and technology outside of the scope of my ivory tower and beyond the university walls. And as the head of the programming team of TEDxGhent, I definitely

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  • Interview with ‘You are not shit pupils’ Pierre Pirard

      Who hasn’t thought of giving up the day job to follow their passion? Pierre Pirard, one of the speakers at TEDxGhent 2013, has done just that. In 2008, he left the world of big business to become a teacher in Molenbeek, a poor area of Brussels. Gaffe prone George W. Bush once said ‘Enterprise, the

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  • 10 places to get new ideas

    The creative guys from StoryMe have made this awesome 1 minute clip for TEDxGhent.   Curious about our full day program & the inspirational speakers? Already up to date about these? Here you can find everything about tickets & practical details.

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