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  • What if … a TEDx talk was longer?

    There are of course plenty of good reasons for the restriction in length of a TED(x) talk. But still, we can’t help but wonder what other interesting things our speakers have to say. So we asked a couple of them: “If you had a bit more time on stage, what would you have added?”     … or read below for a short summary.

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  • See the talks of the 2014 main event

    For those of you that just want to see the talks, scroll all the way down and press the big red button ;-) However, if you can spare a minute, take a look at what our former curator, Tim Govaert, has to say: “When we started TEDxGhent in 2011, I couldn’t image what it would be like a few years later. And

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  • Join our team

    It’s the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean we’re sitting around doing nothing :-) Apart from getting the videos of the talks ready for publication, we’re also busy setting up the team for next year’s events. Do you want to join our team of awesome volunteers? Maybe help determine what speakers will be on next year’s stage, plan the practical details of

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  • Thank you

    A big thank you to all the speakers, guests, partners and all the volunteers that helped realize TEDxGhent 2014! If you missed the event or just want to relive what happend, you can: check out our twitter coverage, find out what everyone posted using the hashtag #tedxghent, see the pictures that where tweeted & posted on instagram. And stay tuned for a

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  • Has TEDxGhent left a mark on Lieven Scheire?

    Lieven Scheire, known for his ingenious tv-shows, will be hosting the upcoming TEDxGhent event. Previous editions have already proven that this is a great match. But why is it that he keeps coming back to us? Let’s find out in an interview with the man himself. TEDxGhent: Hi Lieven, what is your history with TED and TEDxGhent? Lieven Scheire: I

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  • Announcing five more speakers

    Less than 3 weeks until TEDxGhent 2014! Excited? You should be! Now that most of our speakers are announced you have no more excuses – get your ticket, let yourself be inspired and make your mark.  

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  • Ghent University Library – facilitating open knowledge creation since 2007

    In 2007 Ghent University Library embarked on a journey towards creating open knowledge – as we speak, more and more of the 3-million book collection stored in Ghent’s famous Book Tower is being digitized and made available online to the public. Welcome to the digital age! Taking part in the Google Books Library Project, Ghent University Library is one of

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  • Do you know what marks your happiness?

    We all want to be happy, don’t we? And we’re all wondering if we’ll ever find the happiness we so desperately seek. So did Nick Powdthavee from the University of Melbourne, Australia. But as a professor he needed to make this happiness measurable and quantifiable. So he did what professors do and created a formula. He calls it the “The Happiness

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  • TEDxGhentSalon: not for couch potatoes

    It combines the coziness of your home with an intellectual challenge: the TEDxGhentSalon. Instead of binge-watching the next fad series, you could venture out on a Monday evening. TEDxGhent and Vormingplus join forces and organize the next TEDxGhentSalon on Monday, May 26th. You will meet like-minded people and watch a highly rated TED talk. And then it is your turn

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  • Five new speakers to inspire you

    Less than a month to go until the 2014 TEDxGhent edition ‘Make your mark’. We will be joined by 17 speakers presenting their ideas worth spreading and how they made a mark in their field of expertise. To arouse your curiosity, here are 5 speakers that will tell their story and hopefully encourage you to leave your own mark.  

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