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  • Interview with ‘You are not shit pupils’ Pierre Pirard

      Who hasn’t thought of giving up the day job to follow their passion? Pierre Pirard, one of the speakers at TEDxGhent 2013, has done just that. In 2008, he left the world of big business to become a teacher in Molenbeek, a poor area of Brussels. Gaffe prone George W. Bush once said ‘Enterprise, the

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  • 10 places to get new ideas

    The creative guys from StoryMe have made this awesome 1 minute clip for TEDxGhent.   Curious about our full day program & the inspirational speakers? Already up to date about these? Here you can find everything about tickets & practical details.

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  • ‘Centrum voor Ondernemen’ – Hogeschool Gent

      Kom langs in het gezellige CvO-salon en keer huiswaarts met een stevige ondernemersbagage! Het Centrum voor Ondernemen van de Hogeschool Gent is opgetogen op TEDxGhent 2013 te mogen staan en daarmee een steentje kunnen bijdragen aan dit bijzondere event.   Wat doet het Centrum voor Ondernemen? Het Centrum voor Ondernemen of kortweg CvO

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  • A portrait of ‘Mama Daktari’

    In 2012 Marleen Temmerman has joined the WHO as director of the WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research, after being the head of the International Centre for Reproductive Health (ICRH) since 1994. Her career started in Kenya, where she spent several years serving as obstetrician and gynaecologist as well as researching on HIV/AIDS and

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  • Meet our intern Stijn!

      DOING AN INTERNSHIP @ TEDxGHENT To be honest, when I first heart that I would do an internship @ TEDxGhent I didn’t know what it was all about. During my first day I went immediately to see a TEDx conference of it and  I really liked to hear different speakers with different

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  • Auditions PhD contest

        Auditions TEDxGhent PhD contest You’re all welcome to come and support the participants of our PhD contest! 7 UGent PhD students will present their work and compete for a spot on the TEDxGhent 2013 main event. Come and make sure that your favourite contestant makes it to the TEDxGhent line-up All contestants will give a short presentation and

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  • TEDxGhent PhD contest: take up the challenge!

      Working on a PhD project is a life changing experience. For 4 to 6 years you are performing research in a pretty narrow field of study. Day after day you are challenged by your supervising professor, by your colleagues, by reviewers of your articles, by your family, by your friends. They

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  • Caffè Sospeso: possible in Ghent?

      Suddenly this wonderful 2011 story from The Accidental Tourist about pending coffees in Napels (caffè sospeso) is all over the interwebz: There is so much talk about organized crime and the mountains of unattended garbage, that I will not bother mentioning either any further. Instead, I want to tell you about an encounter that reconciled me with the traditions

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  • TEDxGhent PhD contest

    Present your PhD research @ TEDxGhent 2013!   Do you believe that your research deserves a broader audience? Are you developing a mind-blowing new concept? Did your research produce some spectacular results? Do your ideas have the potential to change the world?   TEDxGhent offers you the opportunity to present your PhD research in a 6-minute talk at TEDxGhent 2013!

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  • 9K wins TEDxGhent award @ Apps For Ghent

    When the idea came up to award a speaking slot @ TEDxGhent to a team presenting the best idea at Apps For Ghent, I was immediately in favour of  the idea. I work at Ghent University Library promoting Open Access to research (articles and data), and though the scope of the open data movement is much larger than research, the

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