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  • TEDxGhent 2020 Online – Building Bridges

    In a year that no one could have imagined, how do we build bridges instead of confining walls? TEDxGhent 2020 brings together people and ideas that define the future of our city and beyond. Join a dedicated community ready to build up wonderful bridges. The event will be 100% free, virtual and in a new format: we will welcome 6

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  • TEDxGhentSalon – Slow Fashion

    Unfortunately, due to the latest developments of the coronavirus outbreak, we have postponed indefinitely the event on March 23rd. We will keep you updated as soon as we have a new date. Thank you all for your amazing enthusiasm to participate in our first 2020 TEDxGhentSalon and looking forward seeing you later this year. ________________ We are back with our

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  • Research Rally 2019

    TEDxGhent invites you to our 2019 “Research Rally”. An opportunity to present your bright research ideas to a wider audience.  Why? Because any research is nothing… until it’s shared and spread!  Date and location? 20 November 2019 at 19h00 at De Krook.  What to do? Each of the selected speakers will give a short talk and present their research to the crowd.

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  • TEDxGhent PhD Contest 2018

    Are you tired of presenting your research to the same people over and over? Does your research show potential solutions to pressing issues in your field? Want to spread your ideas to a larger audience? Well then, you’re in luck! It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 6th annual TEDxGhent PhD/post-doc contest where you will have

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  • Kasun Gunasooriya: Hacking the carbon cycle using computers

    Imagine a world where we can turn the exhaled CO2 into high-value products. From waste we can produce petrol or diesel, plastics, diapers for babies, or even a world-famous beer. As a chemical engineer, Kasun works to make this possible and break the vicious circle of using fossil fuels to run our society. To cite an alarming fact: a typical

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  • Jan De Cock: Tea party with perpetrators and victims

    Do you think human beings are “makeable”? Is a terrorist born a terrorist? Can you change people’s minds, and is this the task of the individual or of the community? By spending one year in prisons voluntarily, Jan De Cock went on a search for the human face of detainees. His stories tell about the man that saved the life

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  • Gert De Geyter: Understanding the universe by recreating nature’s intelligent composition

    Wherever we look in nature, we always find some sort of intelligence. Think of the way ants optimize their route from the nest to food source, how large groups of birds fly together without ever colliding with no communication, how evolution shapes animals to adapt to their environment, and so much more. Gert De Geyter explains in a powerful talk

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