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  • Christophe Fauconnier: The 3 most unlikely mentors for humanizing business

    How can you turn your venture into a meaningful brand to reach scale? How do magicians, activists and game designers teach us strategies to unlock the greater potential of business? Christophe Fauconnier, CEO of Innate Motion gives insight into the ways marketers, entrepreneurs and brand builders can learn from...

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  • Gernot Wieland – Depression in Animals

    “Depression in Animals” deals with the construction of human identity determined by the exclusion of the other – namely the animal. Accompanied by projections, this talk examines the relationship between humans and animals and its history of control and power. Gernot Wieland tries to grip his audience with a...

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  • Philippe van Parijs: The instrument of freedom

    “The money that one possesses is the instrument of freedom, that which one strives to obtain is the instrument of slavery.” Well said, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. But has the time now finally come for the implementation of an unconditional basic income? This is the question that Philippe Van Parijs will...

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  • The making of a TEDxGhent talk – the story of Martine-Nicole Rojina

    The story below tells ‘the making of’ an inspired TEDx talk, incorporating so many different people, backgrounds and expertise that we could not tell it. Martine-Nicole explains the process herself, such that on top, you get a wonderful personal story. Enjoy and keep on sharing Bits Of Love ☺...

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  • Joyashree Roy: Human beings hold the key to a solution

    The fire that burns a hand also cooks our food. How can we say that fire is either good or bad? We can realize our true potential by forgetting our ignorance and pushing the frontiers of accumulated knowledge with the entire human race. Joyashree Roy states that this human...

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