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    • Martine Reyners: Harmony through singing

      Your body is the harp of your soul and it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds.’ Martine Reyners, professional opera singer and voice coach, is convinced: We are all singers! Considering that most of us feel embarrassed hearing our own voices from a recorder this sounds far-fetched but according to Martine, all it takes

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    • Caterina Rindi: Blockchains, Burning Man and Bravery

      Can you imagine a life without banks? A life with instant transactions, where it does not matter where you are and to which country you want to transfer money to? In 2008, just after the financial crisis, when trust in banks and governments vanished, bitcoin entered the stage, a digital currency, developed anonymously under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin enables

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    • Emma Jones: The Toxic Female Gaze

      The media is obsessed with women. Sadly, it is often not their talents which are at the center of attention but their age and bodies. Sidebars of shame on news websites, Facebook advertisements and many other platforms lure us into clicking on a picture of a drunk Katy Perry, an overweighed Britney Spears, an Amy Winehouse without eyeliner. Who of

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    • TEDxGhent 2017 Main Event – Dare to speak up

      In a world in motion, it is important that opinions are shared and people stand up for what they believe in. As TEDxGhent we are ready to trigger ideas in your mind with this years selection of speakers. Here is a sneak preview of some of the ideas that will be shared. Dare to speak up or even sing. How

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    • TEDxGhent PhD contest 2017

      Do you daydream about presenting your findings to a broader audience than just your department colleagues or journal reviewers? Do your results indicate that you have developed a solution with the potential of improving the state of affairs in your field, but you don’t know how to share it with the world? Well then, you’re in luck! It is our

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    • TEDxGhentSalon: Modern Romance

      Romeo, oh Romeo wherefore art things complicated Romeo? Join us on February 8th for a look at the state of romance in the modern age. Is monogamy realistic? Can you love multiple people at the same time? Has technology changed the way we interact with potential lovers? How has the idea of romance changed in the past few years? We’ll

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    • Martin Stephens: Movies, marriage and meditation

      Have you ever wondered what happens to child actors after they quit the business? Martin Stephens quit his acting career at sixteen and started studying architecture, and practised Vipassana Meditation. Martin Stephens talks about his career, the wonderful experiences as well as the tough reality during his life as an actor. He moves on through his life after fame, becoming

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    • 8/12:Don’t be another brick in the wall

      Don’t be another brick in the wall – why tolerance in politics matters Politics is a reality citizens construct together with the state. Democracy ensures rule of law, allows participation in decision-making and representation of the population on both sides. When democracy is pervaded with a strong notion of division, lack of respect creates polarisation beyond repair. Recent events –

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    • Join the TEDxGhent team!

      With a successful year behind, we are gearing up for the new season of TEDxGhent. Would you like to be part of the wonderful crew bringing new ideas to Ghent? We offer you a unique volunteer experience, a kick-ass team mainly of expats and true Ghentians & open spirit to get the best out of our volunteers. Check our vacancies

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    • Bjorn Van Keymeulen: How can technology optimize incontinence care?

        Current incontinence care systems bring along many burdens for patients and care givers. Bjorn Van Keymeulen is working on a new system developed with state-of-the-art technology which guarantees a higher quality of incontinence care. This system optimizes incontinence care by providing more privacy and comfort to the patient and reducing the ecological footprint. Bjorn is the 3rd place winner

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