On a mission!
To bring great ideas from all over the world to Ghent
and to present local ideas to a larger audience.


TEDxGhent is a local, self-organized TED-like event. Find out more in this video:


Meet the team

TEDxGhent was founded in 2010 by Tim Govaert, Thomas Vervaet & Willem Taildeman and continues to have a great team of volunteers.


Yonca Braeckman



Ruben Verhack

Co- Curator

Niels Van Kets

Technical Team Lead

Tim Govaert

Tim Govaert

TED Contact

TedxGhent Pic Lara Pato

Lara Pato

Content Team Lead


Marlies Van der Wee

Communications  Team Lead


Evelien De Bruyne

Happiness Team Lead


Nils Roelandt

Brand manager


Diana Pati, Swati Gupta, Marc Steenbeke, Sarah Agyemang, Bram Vandemeulebroucke, Ciska Terryn, Matthieu Van Lancker, Vasileios Avramelos, Sofie Vettori,  Swati Kakde, Hanne Van Dyck, Giorgios Karagounis, Violet Oloibiri,  Irena Soljic, Andreea Arcaleanu, Frederike Stock, Kirsten Merlaen, Anna-Luise Metze and Maaike Koets.