Want to join us?

Want to join us?

Want to join us?

TEDxGhent is organized by a dynamic team of volunteers, each having their own talents and responsibilities. Being in the organization team of a sold-out, high profile event like TEDxGhent 2012 is very rewarding but also very challenging. It made us realize that we need to maintain a solid core team of organizers – and a broader network of reliable people to help us out with specific tasks.

So… we’re looking for you! Do you want to become a member of our TEDxGhent team? Do you want to use your skills to help create something big next year? If you are, come to our TEDxGhent meeting and see for yourself if you could find a spot in our team.

Want to be involved?

Come talk to us! If you’re interested, come to our HR event on October 17, @ Vlerick (Reep) Gent. Please confirm your presence.


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