Introducing the first speakers of the 2015 main event

Introducing the first speakers of the 2015 main event

Introducing the first speakers of the 2015 main event

On popular demand, we are more than happy to announce the first three speakers of the TEDxGhent main event on June 13th. Join us!

As we are eager to give you some fuel for thought, Filip Van Den Abeele will be joining us to talk about oil depletion and the consequences of that on our daily lives. Which form of energy will save our lives? How will cars and planes be powered? What if the oil runs out? And how about the effects on the climate? He will be providing us with hard facts and will take our current energy production under the microscope. Prepare for a dynamic presentation which will make the fog disappear from relevant figures… Nice “warming up”, right?

picture copyright © Thibault Grégoire, Read My Lips

Our other speaker is well-known for his appearance in the Casino Royale James Bond movie opening sequence. Being the founder of Freerunning, Sebastien Foucan believes that to find harmony and well-being, you need to be connected with the environment. Aiming for a world without boundaries, he takes us through his own circuits and moves to show us how we can improve our own well-being. Currently he is active as a motivational speaker, and teaches at the Foucan Freerunning Academy in London.

Have you ever made Gin out of weeds and invasive plants?
Geert Heyneman is going to provide us with his view on ecology in Ghent. Being a greenplanner and botanist, he focuses on nature in the city. Having followed courses on cooking and distilling, he made a gin out of what we would call weeds, to show us that actually no greens are lost in this city, and that we can use those plants to our advantage.


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