28/5 TEDxGhent Salon: Food Surplus

28/5 TEDxGhent Salon: Food Surplus

28/5 TEDxGhent Salon: Food Surplus

When: May 28th, 2016 at 8.30 p.m.

Where: Watt, Nieuwewandeling 62, Ghent

We live in a world where food is distributed unevenly. While food is scarce in many places of the world, a crazy amount is thrown away on a daily basis.  Food Surplus is a pressing issue, that is why society is working hard on a solution and we chose it as the main topic of our next TEDxGhentSalon event. By organising food surplus dinners, for example, we invite others to learn about the beneficial side of this ‘surplus’ while raising awareness of the matter.

The existent food surplus can be so much more than just a ‘surplus’. It can be a source of new views on handling food, and might even be a starting point in a worldwide fight against hunger.

Our TEDxGhentSalon follows a full day filled with sessions and debates, organised by Boom . For more information on the (independent) Boom initiative, you can visit their event’s facebook page. After these debates, Boom also organizes a dinner prepared with food surplus only, for which you can register here.

Registration for the TEDxGhentSalon should be done via our usual Eventbrite channel. Please note that you need to register to the dinner and the Salon separately!

What is TEDxGhentSalon?

A TEDxGhent Salon is an informal event where we watch, listen, discuss and get to know other like-minded people. We select a topic and gather in a bar to watch the best TED(x) talks about it. These TED(x) videos form the basis to kick off a debate about the selected topic. Please note that there are no live speakers involved in TEDxGhentSalons.

Due to overwhelming demand for these Salons, you need to register for a (free) ticket to attend this event.


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