Emma Jones: The Toxic Female Gaze

Emma Jones: The Toxic Female Gaze

Emma Jones: The Toxic Female Gaze

The media is obsessed with women. Sadly, it is often not their talents which are at the center of attention but their age and bodies. Sidebars of shame on news websites, Facebook advertisements and many other platforms lure us into clicking on a picture of a drunk Katy Perry, an overweighed Britney Spears, an Amy Winehouse without eyeliner. Who of us did not click on those pictures before?
What we often forget is that these clicks transport a message to the creators of these websites saying that we “like” this content and even want more of it! We live in a visual age being over-exposed to pictures of lean bodies, salad bowls and cute couples with Instagram being the leading social media platform. Overconsumption of this visual content easily leads to envy, feelings of worthlessness and even mental health problems, especially in young girls. In her powerful speech Emma Jones points out that media institutions and the public need to work together to overcome this vicious circle. Thus, “Think before you click!”

Emma Jones – from being a BBC News reporter to producer in politics, economics and social affairs. In recent years she has worked a lot within the fields of arts, culture, media and tech. Her type of work ranges from interviewing to live presenting for news or film festivals such as Sundance and Cannes. Finally, Emma is co-founder of Noble Media and Electra Media – a media channel that speaks for women in the film industry.

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