Meet our intern Stijn!

Meet our intern Stijn!

Meet our intern Stijn!

[guest post by TEDxGhent intern Stijn Gezel]



To be honest, when I first heart that I would do an internship @ TEDxGhent I didn’t know what it was all about. During my first day I went immediately to see a TEDx conference of it and  I really liked to hear different speakers with different thoughts, your mind gets more open because of it.

I am studying at the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent and although I’ve learned many different skills during my education, I must say that working for TEDxGhent gives you a good vision of which factors are important and are need to be done to organize an event. You have so many things to look after: find the right speakers, convince them to speak at the event, convince sponsors, make sure that marketing is on the rails , and so on.

My job was to find great spices that you will see during the breaks of the event the 22th of June; and to try to ensure some sponsor deals.

There’s one other thing that I really like to say something about: the people behind the event. Besides the fact that they do this voluntarily and work long nights besides their job to make sure that this event will be again a success this year; you can really see that they are doing everything with lots and lots of passion.

It’s really nice to work with people who have so much passion.

I’m sure that they are, just like me, very looking forward to this event and I hope you do too!






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