Auditions PhD contest

Auditions PhD contest

Auditions PhD contest




Auditions TEDxGhent PhD contest

You’re all welcome to come and support the participants of our PhD contest!

7 UGent PhD students will present their work and compete for a spot on the TEDxGhent 2013 main event.

Come and make sure that your favourite contestant makes it to the TEDxGhent line-up

All contestants will give a short presentation and our awesome illustrators Liesbeth De Stercke and Patrick Hochstenbach will add a little extra touch by drawing a summary of the individual talks.


*Chris Callewaert, The war of good and bad bacteries: fighting against smelly armpits
*Christel Dumas, Social responsible investment: doing well while doing good
*Françoise Vanhecke, ISFV, a new extended inhaling singing technique
*Frédéric Peyskens, The quest for information on ever smaller particles: spectroscopic chips for versatile biodetection
*Joachim Vanderbeke, Getting to know the Milky Way by studying color-metallicity relations for globular clusters
*Koen Van den Eeckhout, How glow-in-the-dark can save lives
*Lennart Joos, This superacid can keep our air superclean


When: Tuesday April 30th

Where: Zaal Blancquaert, Het Pand

When: 8 pm




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