Caterina Rindi: Blockchains, Burning Man and Bravery

Caterina Rindi: Blockchains, Burning Man and Bravery

Caterina Rindi: Blockchains, Burning Man and Bravery

Can you imagine a life without banks? A life with instant transactions, where it does not matter where you are and to which country you want to transfer money to? In 2008, just after the financial crisis, when trust in banks and governments vanished, bitcoin entered the stage, a digital currency, developed anonymously under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin enables immediate peer to peer transactions without middlemen at high transparency by using blockchain technology. The blockchain is a decentralized encrypted database which is secure by design making it a lot harder to attack compared to centralized databases as they are used by banks.
Caterina Rindi explains how she first got in contact with bitcoins and blockchains and how this technology eventually changed her life. In her talk, she points out how blockchains could improve our lives ie. by smart contracts and digital ID’s. For Caterina the blockchain resembles Burning Man as a place where people trust each other and share valuable resources to form a community. So, open your eyes to this technology, it could revolutionize financial services as we know them!

Caterina’s background is in education and non-profits. Through her efforts developing more scalable opportunities and tapping existing resources via peer-to-peer technologies, she became involved in bitcoin and blockchains. Caterina consults internationally, focusing on non-technical audiences, and joining the effort to decrease wealth disparities in the world through education and improved access to financial systems.



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