Hassan Al Hilou: From radicalisation to talent development

Hassan Al Hilou: From radicalisation to talent development

Hassan Al Hilou: From radicalisation to talent development

Hassan, born in 1999, stood in front of the audience not as the youngest consultant of Belgium, but a young, driven changemaker.
In his childhood, images of war and terror were put into perspective by his loving family, yet he still got radicalized. Attacks darkening the days of Brussels prompted him to act, to understand how people of his age chose a path leading to destruction. How did this all happen? He had been seeking answers to this question, and came up with the idea of the circle of radicalization. A possible answer lies in lack of empathy, compassion and a loving family.

Perspective, hope and love. When someone looses perspective, a hope to be meaningful and lacks love, they can become a terrorist. If a young person is beleaguered by harsh circumstances they were born into, it is far too easy to fall into the false hope radicalists offer, the possibility that they can be someone and worthy of love. Understanding the challenge, Hassan devoted his talent and time to spark a change, and created talent incubators to provide tools for those who need them and inspired others to join him as talent angels. His mission is to give a chance to youngsters by helping to develop their skills and lead a life which anyone should deserve.

Hassan is the founder of AGE Consultancy, where young talent advises companies on age, gender and ethnic diversity. With Youthtalks Foundation he helps build community projects led by local youth. As youngest consultant of the Benelux he received recognition from the media and policy makers. He has spoken as a youth representative at the European Commission and given a voice to Brussels youth in the media.




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