Bruno Delepierre: Together we can cure capitalism

Bruno Delepierre: Together we can cure capitalism

Bruno Delepierre: Together we can cure capitalism

Bruno is an “entrepreneurial happiness economist” immersed in behavioural economics, positive psychology, cognitive science & medicine to coin a new term: happonomy. In his talks, he shares his findings about how happiness and economics are linked and not mutually exclusive.
He seeks to understand a fundamental question: what do we find valuable? Scientists provided answers which boil down to five key ingredients: survival; feeling at ease; connect – social relationships; growth and contribution to something bigger. The reason why people feel frustrated and left behind today is that our current system overemphasizes individual growth and money-making while does not support what humans really want.

In his view, we are stuck in a system where one works more and more to achieve less and less. On the flip side, our generation has the key to change the rules of the game with the help of technology. We can redefine the place we give for work in our life. We can upgrade our monetary system by using complimentary currencies. By using a more transparent reward system, we can achieve more balance in the workplace. What people want is not equality, but fair inequality which is culturally determined. Our mission is to upgrade our perspective on money, work & happiness. Bruno invites us to evaluate how money and work impacts our lives, and encourages to choose the path which enhances the quality of your life.

Bruno Delepierre is a social entrepreneur on a mission. His big hairy audacious goal? To help upgrade capitalism so we can maximise the quality of our lives. He recently wrote “Happonomy – Roadmap to Utopia”, a book about work, money and happiness. Among other things he launched his own digital media start-up and is a talent scout, the organizer of TEDxLeuven and home of Happonomy – a movement for happiness economics.


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