How Breadcrumbs can make your city a better place

How Breadcrumbs can make your city a better place

How Breadcrumbs can make your city a better place

Last Saturday was the fourth edition of AppsforGhent. Of course an organisation like ours is a huge fan of this event and its philosophy (read last year’s love letter from TEDxGhent’s Gwen ). So there was no doubt that we would continue our collaboration. We sent our very own TEDxGhent jury this year and offered our pick a talk on our big event the 7th of June.

Super prepared as always, with our brightest and most tech-savy volunteers we decended to AC portus, curious to find out what the contestants had in store for us. The first thing we noticed when we got there was that AppsforGhent simply is a great event. This initiative is also inspiring the next generation of coders with a CoderDojo for kids! Which was litteraly one of the cutest things we have ever seen.

Soon after the Hackaton participants started their presentations. It was great to see teams endeavouring for a better future through fashion advice based on weather forecasts (which we love!), improving our bicking experience or our park visits by using open data from the city. In the end we chose the most inclusive, community building and inspired idea of the day. The app called Breadcrumbs, designed by RMRF, wants to be a platform for the citizens of our fair city. It facilitates communication with each other and the local administration about issues or possible improvements (= the “Breadcrumbs”) we can make or do for our city. We are looking forward to seeing their talk and what they do next.


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