What if … a TEDx talk was longer?

What if … a TEDx talk was longer?

What if … a TEDx talk was longer?

There are of course plenty of good reasons for the restriction in length of a TED(x) talk. But still, we can’t help but wonder what other interesting things our speakers have to say.

So we asked a couple of them:

“If you had a bit more time on stage, what would you have added?”


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… or read below for a short summary.

Kris Putzeys (The Mixfitz) told us they actually did spend more time on stage because they “where in the moment”. He also shares his complements for TED(x) and encourages people to “keep thinking”.

Nick Powdthavee tells us how much money is needed to compensate for a loss, having no friends, or never marrying and shares the story about the man who inspired him to undertake his current endeavours.

Thomas Laureyssens would have loved to talk about how lots of products these days are designed in a way that doesn’t motivate people to use them. He believes that adding a social element could make them more engaging.

Jonathan De Roo tells us that he had to cut a couple of technical terms and concepts from his talk. And how he’s actually inspired by Lieven Scheire because he has the ability to explain difficult concepts in a way that everyone understands.

Hanny Van Arkel shows us a few other citizen science projects that deserve more attention. She further explains why Brian May, the lead guitarist of Queen, is someone who keeps inspiring her.

Hauke Eggerman opens up about a project where they built a computer program that could predict emotional changes in people based on a certain type of music. And tells us a bit more about the ‘Godfathers’ of experimental psychology.

Alphonse Muambi wanted to tell us the story about a women he met in Congo during election time. How she had difficulties understanding the concept of elections and wanted to vote for him.

Lieven Scheire, our host, shares his love for scientific topics such as ‘The Drake Equation’ and tells us what he would talk about if he ever got the chance to give a TED(x) talk. He also reveals why he is such a fan of Richard Feynman.

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