Exciting battle against bacteria?

Exciting battle against bacteria?

Exciting battle against bacteria?

Researchers from the Ghent University, MIT and the University of Queensland have developed a revolutionary new technique to see the difference between benign and malignant bacteria. Breakthroughs like this obviously trigger us at TEDxGhent.

Last year’s winner of our PhD Contest, Chris Callewaert, presented his research on smelly armpits at our event in June. He discovered that body odours are caused by certain bacteria. And above all, he proved that this smell can fade or even disappear completely by adding… more bacteria!

Ghent University, along with MIT and the University of Queensland, now plunge even deeper into the world of micro-organisms. A team of mechanics, biotechnologists and specialists in molecular biotechnology found out that the cell membrane’s structure can change under different conditions. Thanks to a special technique, scientists can scan the cell membrane and tell whether it is benign or malignant. The beauty of this technique is that it works within minutes.

Scientists are even thinking about home applications. Imagine the possibilities… Maybe one day we will prevent bacterial infections and diseases just by moving our smartphones back and forth over our bodies.  Will we ever be able to scan illnesses out of this world?

Not too sweaty? And curious to find out more (in Dutch)? Click here!

You didn’t come to TEDxGhent in 2013?
Relive the interesting talk of Chris Callewaert all over again on YouTube!

by Didier Van Coppenolle & Hannah Van Ootegem.




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