TEDxGhentSalon: not for couch potatoes

TEDxGhentSalon: not for couch potatoes

TEDxGhentSalon: not for couch potatoes

It combines the coziness of your home with an intellectual challenge: the TEDxGhentSalon. Instead of binge-watching the next fad series, you could venture out on a Monday evening.

TEDxGhent and Vormingplus join forces and organize the next TEDxGhentSalon on Monday, May 26th. You will meet like-minded people and watch a highly rated TED talk. And then it is your turn to participate in a debate. Pour yourself a drink and share your arguments, thoughts or concerns and make your mark.

The day after the elections the Salon’s central theme will be “leadership, participation and the crisis of democracy”. A democratic vote will decide which talk we will see and discuss afterwards. Will it be Ivan Krastev about how more openness in democracy can make the world a better place? Will it be Dave Meslin’s positive view on participation of citizens? Or will it be a to-the-point analysis about how leaders can inspire people?

If democracy is king, participation is queen. After watching the talk, it is your turn to break a lance with each other. A moderator will make sure the discussion unfolds in a fair and playful manner. It is a Monday evening after all…

Where: Vormingplus Gent-Eeklo, Reigerstraat 9, 9000 Gent
When: The event starts at 19h30 and ends at 21h30.
Entrance fee: You pay €3 and get a drink, a talk and a discussion in good company.
Please subscribe on the Vormingplus website >>.

If you cannot make it on Monday, May 26th, you get another chance on June 30th. Same time, same venue, different topic. Subscribe here >>


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