Women in STEM

Women in STEM

Women in STEM

Inspired by TEDWomen (TED’s section focusing on and introducing women who are reshaping the world’s future) this TEDxGhentSalon will introduce some of Belgium’s most inspiring women who have worked in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). And not only have they worked in these fields but they have been affecting the futures of all of us in one way or another.

They have different backgrounds and different career motivations, and on our stage they will call for a change in our perceptions and make a case for increasing the number of girls and women choosing a technically-oriented education or career.

Our leading speakers, Joke, Katrien, Saskia and Nisha, will elaborate on how they not only believe that STEM is an integral part of our lives, but that it actively works on making it better and easier.

For Saskia Van Uffelen everything is possible. She is a successful career woman and a devoted wife and mother. Being a CEO of Belux at Ericsson she proved that a woman doesn’t have to choose between a career and a family, and through her talk she will shed some light on how she successfully combines both.

Joke Van der Auwera, a leading lady of the On Wheels project, has devoted her life to working with people with disabilities. She sees and understands challenges that they have to face every day, and she is certain that technological progress can help them live full lives and even help unlock their potential.

Katrien Strubbe is an Associate Professor at Ghent University and works in the Laboratory for Physical Chemistry. She is also involved in a project with students at secondary schools, and her program “It’s All About Chemistry” aims to develop research competencies in the chemical classroom and allows students to experiment with chemistry.

Inspired by her personal experience, Nisha Van Wanzeele started her initiative Mimique Healthcare, a skincare and healthcare company, where she helps her customers to not only solve their skin problems, but also live a healthy life. She believes that nature has a lot of the answers to challenges our bodies experience, but only through science can we extrapolate its full potential. She will talk on how, with the help of technology, she develops creams that keep your skin radiant and your body healthy.

Besides these leading ladies, we will also welcome two additional inspiring testimonials. One by Manon Van Hoorebeke, an 11 year-old digital guru, and Lien Wieme, a kindergarten teacher. Both will give their speech in Dutch.


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