What’s your favorite TED(x) talk?

What’s your favorite TED(x) talk?

What’s your favorite TED(x) talk?

If you ask our volunteers why they decided to join TEDxGhent, you always hear a story about a very inspiring TED(x) talk at some point in their lives. And whether that single talk was the reason for them wanting to volunteer, or they fell in love with the concept of TED, it’s remarkable how often we share our favorite talks with each other. And since we’re all here to help the spread of great ideas, every one of our volunteers will share their favorite TED(x) talk with you in the coming year.

To kick off this series, here’s Yonca, our new curator, with her story …


Dear friends of TEDxGhent,

You can’t imagine how excited I am to be this year’s TEDxGhent curator! We have a fantastic team of volunteers that will take care of organising this year’s inspirational activities. We’re working hard to bring great ideas from all over the world to our curious city of Ghent and provide a platform for local ideas to spread around the globe. We want to engage our partners in bringing about meaningful change in our community. But ultimately, we do all this to connect people and ideas to trigger creativity and innovation, and put ideas into action.

My favourite TED(x) talk is one that I had the pleasure of seeing live at the TEDSalon in Berlin earlier this year. After a great TED experience with about 300 other TEDx organisers this was my personal highlight of the day.

Simon Anholt talks about how we got it fundamentally wrong with our thinking about countries in indexes which put forward economic gain and competition. His talk has a simple outline that might sound cheesy, but I must say it felt great being there and giving him a standing ovation after he had presented the idea of just doing good for others in the world.

I hope to meet a lot of you TED(x) fans the coming year. Please come and say hello at one of our events, and become part of our TEDxGhent community!



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