Martine Reyners: Harmony through singing

Martine Reyners: Harmony through singing

Martine Reyners: Harmony through singing

Your body is the harp of your soul and it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds.’ Martine Reyners, professional opera singer and voice coach, is convinced: We are all singers! Considering that most of us feel embarrassed hearing our own voices from a recorder this sounds far-fetched but according to Martine, all it takes is a better relationship to our own voice. As a voice coach Martine could already help thousands of people to find their inner chord.

‘With singing we can free ourselves so we dare to speak up’. Finding harmony through singing can help us to use more harmonics while speaking and thereby change how we are perceived by other people. Using a harmonic voice can make people feel more connected to what you have to say or even feel touched. What are you waiting for? Lean back and sing with us!

Martine Reyners has devoted more than 20 years to singing onstage and as a path to deepening awareness. In addition to her career as a professional soprano and opera singer, she runs a successful singing and coaching practice. Based on approaching the voice in a holistic manner, Martine has achieved breakthrough results with her clients using this original method.


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