TEDxGhent 2017 Main Event – Dare to speak up

TEDxGhent 2017 Main Event – Dare to speak up

TEDxGhent 2017 Main Event – Dare to speak up

In a world in motion, it is important that opinions are shared and people stand up for what they believe in. As TEDxGhent we are ready to trigger ideas in your mind with this years selection of speakers. Here is a sneak preview of some of the ideas that will be shared.

Dare to speak up or even sing. How can your personality shine through your voice? One of our speakers is an opera singer who will share insights on the power of the human voice and how it can enhance your life.

What is the aftermath of the Brussels terrorist attacks? Who dares to bring people together and give them a voice? Our youngest speaker will speak up. Let your mind be challenged with a perspective you do not hear every day.

In a world where the climate debate is getting heated, how can we use science to help us? How can waste CO2 gasses be catalyzed into something positive? Action needs to be taken and every breakthrough leads to new creative possibilities.

20may13:00- 19:00TEDxGhent 2017 main eventDare to speak up

A square meter of soul

In a previous life a lawyer, but now since many years an avid solo traveller, entrepreneur and Ghent-Authentic tour guide, Kristel Vereecken has a knack for inspiring places. In her talk she reveals the power that lies within them, explores how we can benefit from them and what to do in order to pass them on to future generations.

Kristel is the founder and owner of Ghent-Authentic, a private tour company in Ghent/Belgium, taking tour guiding to a more personal level. Until recent she was engaged by the European Commission as a ‘European Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador’ and has won the Ghent ‘start-up’ award 2012.

What if false beliefs make you happy?

The truth can be hurtful or unsettling, so is it not better then to bend it a little? If you start endorsing false beliefs, however, you better proceed with caution. Some illusions are harmful, as they motivate reckless and dangerous behaviour, or may have unpredictable side-effects, even if they look innocuous at first. Sooner or later they collide with reality. And in any event: is it even coherent to think we can choose our own beliefs?

Maarten Boudry (1984) is a postdoctoral fellow at Ghent University. He studied in Vienna, Boston and New York. In 2011, he defended his dissertation on pseudoscience: “Here Be Dragons. Exploring the Hinterland of Science”. He is also co-editor and co-author of books. His current research deals with evolutionary epistemology, in particular the problem of human irrationality. Other research interests include naturalism, skepticism and the conflict between science and religion.

From radicalisation to talent development

There is the choice of stigmatizing youth in Brussels or giving them an opportunity to lead. Reversing the negative cycle requires a perspective shift and the right focus on talent. Hassan provides an insight on what it takes to build up a community. Through his foundation he gives opportunities to youth from diverse backgrounds, providing them a way to channel their energy back into their own environment.

Hassan is the founder of AGE Consultancy, where young talent advises companies on age, gender and ethnic diversity. With Youthtalks Foundation he helps build community projects led by local youth. As youngest consultant of the Benelux he received recognition from the media and policy makers. He has spoken as a youth representative at the European Commission and given a voice to Brussels youth in the media.

Harmony through singing

Have you ever thought about what your voice says about you? In this talk, Martine Reyners will make a connection between our singing voice and our true nature. Through her own experience and many examples of the people she coaches, she shows how our voice can become a compass in our lives. One leading us to more joy and inner freedom. A unique, never-ending quest!

Martine Reyners has devoted more than 20 years to singing onstage and as a path to deepening awareness. In addition to her career as a professional soprano and opera singer, she runs a successful singing and coaching practice. Based on approaching the voice in a holistic manner, Martine has achieved breakthrough results with her clients using this original method.

How capitalism can increase our happiness

We are living in exponential times. With increasingly smart technology and growing international competition, many questions arise. In this talk Bruno Delepierre explores the themes of robotics, globalization and how capitalism impacts our happiness. Where are things broken in our current system? And above all: how we can upgrade our economic system to enhance the quality of our lives?

Bruno Delepierre is a social entrepreneur on a mission. His big hairy audacious goal? To help upgrade capitalism so we can maximise the quality of our lives. He recently wrote “Happonomy – Roadmap to Utopia”, a book about work, money and happiness. Among other things he launched his own digital media start-up and is a talent scout, the organizer of TEDxLeuven and home of Happonomy – a movement for happiness economics.

Filmmaking’s obsession with Superheroes

How do independent activist filmmakers compare to the Hollywood studios and their Superhero franchises when producing films that aim to drive change? Alex Dunnett discusses the importance of real heroes, fictional heroes and anti heroes in the film world.

Alex Dunnett is the Head of Production at Corniche Media, who specialise in Film, TV and Theatre production. Alex has previously worked on movies such as ‘20,000 Days on Earth’, ‘Brahman Naman’ and ‘We Are The Giant’ and is currently working with Lord David Puttnam on the feature film ‘Arctic 30’.

Hotel prison, hotel pardon

After having travelled a year voluntarily living in different prisons across five continents and travelling again later on meeting the victims of acts that are difficult to grasp, Jan found out empathy is a guarantee for a more sociable world, a tolerant society, and more personal happiness. But how do we come to forgiveness? And isn’t there a perpetrator and a victim in each of us?

Jan de Cock started as a street educator in Latin America where his experiences led him to become a prison worker. For a year he lived in different prisons throughout five continents, in search of the human face of the detainees. He founded the organization ‘Within-without-walls’, creating dialogue between prisoners, victims of crime and society. He is the author of books like ‘Hotel prison’ and ‘Hotel pardon’.

More speakers to be announced soon!

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