Relive TEDxGhent 2013 – Third batch of talks

Relive TEDxGhent 2013 – Third batch of talks

Relive TEDxGhent 2013 – Third batch of talks

Ready for TEDxGhent 2013′ s third and last batch of talks?

Watch how Lydia Kavina turns electricity into music and how Jens Krause proves that there is something like intelligent swarm behaviour in society. Since TEDxGhent 2013, we also know that managers and teachers have more in common than meets the eye. Pierre Pirard, a former CEO explains why he decided to become a teacher in Molenbeek. Gynecologist Marleen Temmerman talks about birth control and how this can improve living conditions for families all over the world. Last but not least, Chris Callewaert takes you with him into the world of body odours. As a researcher, he has set out on a quest against smelly armpits.

Sit back and let us inspire you once again!

Lydia Kavina

Have you ever heard of the ‘Theremin’? It is the only instrument that can be played without touching it! One of the first electronical instruments ever built, the Theremin was invented by Léon Theremin. Playing this strange instrument is an art perfected by Lydia Kavina, a distant relative of Léon Theremin himself.

Jens Krause

Jens Krause is an expert on swarm intelligence. While observing large groups, Krause is looking for systems and patterns in behaviour of large groups of people and animals. This knowledge can help you to survive the busy shopping Sundays, when the streets are full of people.

Pierre Pirard

”Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Inspired by Nelson Mandela, our speaker Pierre Pirard made a rare and brave career switch. The former CEO became a teacher in Molenbeek. In this speech he explains that successful management and teaching have more in common than you think.

Marleen Temmerman

Imagine a busy supermarket on a Saturday morning, crowded with young parents and their hyperactive children. Jens Krause already taught you how to escape safely. Pierre Pirard knows how to educate these kids. But they’re not around, so that’s when Marleen Temmermans’ wise words come to mind. As a gynecologist she is an authority in the field of women’s rights and the access to birth control. And more importantly: she explains how this can improve living conditions for families and their surroundings all over the world.

Chris Callewaert

It can happen to everybody, specifically on the 4th day of a festival. Excited people are jumping and waving at the stage. You are barely listening to the music as you can only think: “What’s that smell?” And suddenly you realise that it’s you… The odour comes out of your armpits! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there… And that’s when Chris Callewaerts comes in.  As a researcher he has set out on a quest against smelly armpits and makes every festival a real pleasure. Because you’re worth it!


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